At Atabey Choreto Medicinals, we believe in using the highest quality medicines, utilizing homegrown or locally grown plants, supporting biodynamic and regenerative farming practices, or wildcrafting, only using plants considered invasive or evidently abundant in their ecosystems. We want to be not just sustainable, but regenerative in all of our actions working with plant medicines. We pay our respects to plants native to the Appalachian region (Catawba, Cherokee, Moneton, Cheraw, Yuchi indigenous lands), and those from the Greater Antilles (namely Puerto Rico and surrounding islands; Taino and Arawak indigenous lands).


Atabey Choreto Medicinals was founded in 2016 by Taino Herbalist Brandon Ruiz. We provide a combination of island and Appalachian medicines, focusing on bioregional herbalism and blending the two very different locations together. We are based in Charlotte, NC, and we work intricately with local projects like the Charlotte Herbal Accessibility Project and other projects to help ensure equal and affordable access to herbal medicine to people of color and various at-risk communities. We support small farmers and herbalists here in NC's mountains, and throughout the island of Puerto Rico and other nearby regions.


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