Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products Organic?

We use a wide range of products, some certified Organic and some not. Herbs that are indicated as "Homegrown" or "Wildcrafted" are not certified but will not contain any synthetic fertilizers or chemicals, as they are grown personally or by nature itself. Our Certified Organic ingredients will be acknowledged on the label, and both our Cane Alcohol and Vegetable Glycerin are Certified Organic.

What does "Atabey Choreto" mean?

Atabey is the supreme goddess in the Taino belief system. The Tainos are the indigenous people of Puerto Rico, Haiti/Dominican Republic and other surrounding islands. Atabey represents earth, fresh water and fertility. Choreto is a Taino word that means abundance. In Spanish, O's and A's at the end of words determine genders, but this did not apply to the Taino language systems. So "Choreto" is not intended to represent male or female abundance, but a gender-neutral sense overall. Atabey Choreto essentially means "Rich Earth" or "Abundant Land".

What is Biodynamic?

Biodynamic farming is a method of regenerative farming that focuses on connecting farming, land and plant as a whole. It is highly motivated by moon cycles and astrological events, and could be considered "beyond organic". Here is a link to learn more about Biodynamic farming:

What are your products' shelf life?

Our tinctures that contain alcohol have a shelf life of about 4-5 years, while alcohol-free tinctures are good for about 10-12 months. Tea blends are dried are generally shelf-stable for a while, however we advise tea blends should be used within 6 months of purchasing.

Where do you source your ingredients?

You can check on our Ingredients page to learn about sourcing for each ingredient we use!